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06.08.2012 , 11:52 AM | #4
I know it's a back-burner priority but, when you get around to considering what was discussed in the following Q/A I have a suggestion.

"Elperzon: Will we ever be given the chance to 'forget' schematics we know? For example, I can make the base item, the 3 upgraded version (crit, power, def), and some of their upgraded versions (alacrity, surge, etc). That makes for a ton of schematics for a single item. I would love to be able to forget the base item schematic if I have the upgraded version I like/want.

Damion: This is, in fact, something that we've thought about and might implement at some point. However, it's mostly a nice cleanup thing and is behind other priorities at the moment."

On the crafting crew skill windows, why not give us filters similar to what are used on item database sites for MMOs. In other words allow us to specify a level range, one or more item quality designations (ie. could select just artifact OR prototype and artificat), slot item fits (be it mod, enhancement, etc. or chest, head, etc.) , what stat(s) item should include and armor weight (light, medium, heavy.) User populates some or all of those things and clicks a [FILTER] button and the list shrinks to just those items. So whether you want to see just prototype mods between the levels of 45-50 that your CyberTech knows or all medium protoype & artifact chest pieces with Aim on them that your ArmorTech can make, you could do that.

No need to "forget" schematics if we have a way to filter the list we have.