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You're going to an extreme. There are plenty of 50s that haven't done mid 40s FPs due to lack of population. Denying them access is silly via the Group Finder is silly. Denying a lvl 15 from doing BT is silly. Denying anyone from doing any lower level content due to a lower level range is plain silly. You want MORE grouping and socializing, not less.
I don't think he's going to an extreme at all. If you're going to kill my experience for doing a Flashpoint, I don't want you in my group. If I really want to do a social run, then I can always try to arrange it the old fashioned way--by simply asking. I honestly wouldn't bother using the group finder at all if it were putting higher level characters into my Flashpoints.

Now if BioWare want to code in a "social run" toggle, that'd be fine. But I'd never use it.
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