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06.08.2012 , 11:15 AM | #47
When the Dungeon finder was introduced in WoW, I seem to recall that Dual Spec already existed, so it was a trivial task for people to queue for whichever role they had the gear and talent sets, and if you happened to enter a Dungeon and you weren't in the right spec, you could, within 30 seconds and with zero cost, switch to that other role.

Here, we are "permitted" to list ourselves as being available for 2 separate roles, but, especially at 50, if you are in a dps role and get selected as a healer, you will need to come out of the instance, travel across to the main space station, re-spec at a fairly major cost -- I believe it will still cap out at something like 150k? -- then travel back into the instance.

Yes, technically that can work. In practice, it won't -- you will actually have people trying to use the 10 points or so that they have in the appropriate tree to do the job of the 31 points, and a great deal of frustration will result.

TL;DR: Dual (or Multi) spec is needed, and quickly; you can already achieve this by giving the Field Respec perk to everyone for free, and removing its' cost.