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06.08.2012 , 10:45 AM | #86
I noticed they removed the Sprint upgrades from what's currently shown on 1.2 Coming Soon Legacy Panel to what's in 1.3. I understand they improved upon the quicker travel by allowing speeders at level 10, but I was still hoping for the Faster Sprint. Places like EV where you're moving large distances between trash pulls and can't use a mount, I find this ability to be very helpful. I assume not all future Operations will be outdoors; and therefore, you can't use a mount in them... ? If so, I'd recommend putting the Upgraded Sprint back in the game system.

Edit: I also feel the Legacy Upgrades, (Lets use More experience for Space Missions) should be for all characters. I thought the whole point of the Legacy System was to bring all your characters together...? Allowing this would make people want to level more Alts, since it'll reduce time spent grinding the same missions on each planet.
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