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06.08.2012 , 10:38 AM | #42
Here are a few thoughts:
  • I wish there were some sort of indication of the relative difficulty of the flashpoints. For example, Directive 7 is a level 50 flashpoint in Story Mode, but it's also a Tier 1 Hard Mode. I'm going to assume that if I'm using pretty unimpressive level 50 gear, I'm probably not equipped to do HM Directive 7. But something that makes it clear would be nice, because I think it's probably true that all Tier 1 hard modes are not created equally.
  • I wouldn't mind if there were some visual indication of how many other people are in the queue. I don't know...some nights I'm really torn about whether I should bother logging in or not, and if I do and I put myself in the queue, I'd like to know if it's looking even remotely possible I could get into my desired Flashpoint.
  • Also, some indication of which roles are queued. If I have a level 50 DPS Juggernaut and a level 50 healer Sorcerer and I notice the queues are light on healers, I might want to log in my healer.
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