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CrAzEdMiKe what a great Guide! I'm getting started on my 3rd alt here... and I'm going to be going over your guide as I level her.

I've noticed that the higher level I get on any alt char, the more Space Missions I do = less time in whatever assigned Planet I'm leveling on. Space Missions = great exp as well as extra money! I haven't read through your entire guide now (well, any of the addendums) but I completely skipped Space Missions on my main when I was leveling her back when the game debuted. I was too busy exploring & leveling on plantes, as well as focusing on my Class Quest and FP's, to really explore Space. When leveling my first alt, I made sure to do all Space Missions every day (well, almost everyday lol) and it was great! Money, Exp, and Fleet Commendations = win! Plus it was nice being able to purchase new Ship upgrades as they became available (it's also a good idea to keep an eye on the GTM if you're not a Cybertech as you level so you can equip those blue ship upgrades that help to make Space Missions soooo much easier). Fleet Commendations add up very quickly as more Space Missions become available (I had something like 400+ when I hit mid-40's on her).

I also always try to make sure to do my Bonus Series on every planet as they offer great Exp as well as rewards from completing the entire Bonus Series questline.

Anyway... keep up the good work. I have also bookmarked your Guide.
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