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8. In which betrayal surprises no one, but something else surprises several (II/II)

"BROONMARK!" Nalenne screamed. She would have dodged the incoming projectile, but she couldn’t move for the crackling energy grip on her back. Niselle. Lightning-thingy. Damn. She squeezed her eyes shut and tensed what muscles she could control to move aside the second Niselle's stun broke.

Which it did, almost before that thought could finish. You’re losing your touch, sister. Nalenne lurched to one side. Andronikos' blade stung her temple and fell away. Nalenne drew her saber and flowed into an attack. The pirate was fast, but he was disarmed and she was angry. One solid hilt blow to the head took him out of the fight.

The next strike of Niselle's lightning was less arresting. The twerp only had so many tricks. Nalenne activated her saber and shoved the blade into the flashing Force arc, pushing towards her sister.

Broonmark finally saw fit to show up. Even at a sprint he was close to silent. Niselle actually yelped when his fist took her neck.

"Don't kill," warned Nalenne, and hurried to shove Niselle to the ground and kick her in the head. "Let's be nice about this." She kicked her sister again. "You realize, Nis, I still have no interest in harming you."

Nis managed to look arrogant while lying flat on her back with a fresh head injury. "You might not have had before I started trying to kill you, but now you've got self-defense to claim. Everyone knows what you did to Baras."

"Baras wasn't my sister!"

"Good thing, too. If you managed to look that bad with my genes I shudder to think how being related to him would've worked out for you."

"The girl who bleached and blackened her way from red skin to Rattataki impression in a single Dark Side binge wants to tell me I’m ugly? I could kill you right now. Brat."

"You won't. Sissy."

"I could kill your stupid pirate."

"You wouldn't."

"Worried that time, eh?" Nalenne chuckled maliciously. "So what stopped you from holding me in place while your man put a needle in my eye?"

"I was interrupted. Your man punched me in the face.” Niselle jerked her head towards Quinn.

Nalenne goggled. “Get out. Really?”

Quinn himself was standing by the wall, watching the two of them. "My lord. You know I cannot physically affect anything, but I surmised that reflex may not distinguish between solid objects and solid-looking objects coming at the eyes. I was able to break her concentration long enough for you to escape.” He looked down to where the pale lord of the Dark Council was sulking on the floor. “Please understand, my lord, I hold the utmost respect for your position. But my duty lies with the Wrath.”

“Stow it,” snapped Niselle.

“Quinn, you’re a genius. Only you would say ‘I have no body, Force powers, or tech, guess I’d better go turn the tide of battle anyway.’ I love how you- ” Nalenne checked herself. “I’m still mad at you. Just…wow. You hit my sister.” Her delight bubbled into laughter.

Niselle was checking her chronometer. “It looks like my combat support isn’t coming,” she said in a tone of supreme irritation, “so I’m done for the day.”

“Combat support. More apprentices? Pierce probably took care of ‘em.”

Niselle struggled to her feet. “He probably did,” she said sourly. “You should teach your pets to respect Sith.”

“You should teach your Sith to be even vaguely worthy of respect. My captain punched you in the face.” Nalenne started giggling again.

Niselle slung Andronikos’ arm over her shoulder, gave Nalenne one last dirty look, and left.
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