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06.08.2012 , 08:40 AM | #4
It is a great fight but the key is to interrupt his snipe ability (don't remember exact name). What I would recommend you do is as follows: After the conversation takes place do not engage him and walk backwards. The fight won’t start. Take your group to the front of the command post (where you talked to the ship commander at the start of the FP). Spread out the dps with the healer in the center (the healer with back towards the window) and the dps to the left and right almost in the corners. With this formation you avoid the missiles he drops and when the ads come out they won’t go for you. The trick is having the tank hit him from above and bring him up to the platform. From there just DPS him him out and int the snipe ability and you will be gold. Just make sure to take the ads after you kill him and talk to the commander.
I hope this helps. If not they will nerf him in 1.3 unfortunately.