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The novelizations of the Prequels made them tolerable for me, but for the most part I agree. I feel no need to watch Anakin go all emo/nerdRAGE again. Hayden is a decent actor sometimes, when he has good direction. George's direction, however, wasn't very good in the Prequels. And he even admits he sucks at writing dialogue. It is what it is.

Original OT is my favorite Trilogy. Not the latest remake, but the Original. Every once in a while, I'll pop in the first re-release for the added scenes, but the best was where Han Shot. No reaction shot from Greedo. Yet even in the first re-release, RotJ was still pretty much intact with no Hayden at the end defiling that third ghost spot, and without the Frankenvader NOOOOOOOO!!!! when throwing Palpatine over the railing.

It's my view that Classic movies shouldn't be tampered with. Or if they are, at least give the fans a choice as to which ones they prefer. If the latest Blu-Ray had included the Original OT along with the latest remakes, I don't think anyone would complain.... ok, scratch that. SOMEONE would complain. But it wouldn't have been near as many as now.
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