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The gundark wandered into her sights, Ainsley felt her breathing slow, felt cold durasteel against her cheek and the wet ground against her body. Akaavi was beside her silent, two other mandolorians in their particular party crouching silent so as not to startle the beast. She breathed in, “Akaavi” she whispered. Akaavi didn’t answer, “psssst Akaavi!” She whispered again.

“Ainsley the shot is perfect, take it! What’s the matter?” Akaavi whispered back, serious and confused.

“Is that cute Mando with the black hair still checking out my ***?” Ainsley asked calmly, keeping the animal in her sights, with both her scope and the cyber enhancement on her left eye.

“What?” Akaavi asked in disbelief.

“Answer the question woman, is he?” the gundark paused to sniff the air, suspicious.

The zabrak woman looked over her shoulder to spy their hunting mates. Sure enough the rather handsome dark haired youth, with some disconcerting green eyes, was admiring Ainsleys rather well rounded and well formed posterior.

“Yes” Akaavi hissed

“Still got it” Ainsley whispered to herself, she squeezed the trigger, felt the recoil rock against her shoulder, the gundark dropped with the well placed blaster shot, a clean kill right between the eyes.

“OYA” the three Mando’s said in unison, Akaavi slapped Ainsley’s shoulder in congratulations, and Ainsley, ever the flirt, was sure to get up slowly, taking special care to accent the item of admiration for that cute kid, he reminded her of Corso when they had first met.

Ainsley was having a blast, they had been on Dxun now for 6 days, this was her second kill, Mandolorians really did know how to have a good time, Ainsley would be leaving the following day, thinking she might pay a visit to Risha and her latest Dubrillion prince, on her way back home. The two Mando youths moved to bag the kill, Ainsley held dreamy green eyes gaze as he walked by, he was all machismo and puffing, like a proud rooster, he tripped on a root as he looked back at her, his friend laughing at him. Ainsley turned towards the speeders smiling to herself. “Yep, still got it.” She heard Akaavi chuckle.

The two women reached the main hunting camp and made their way to their shared tent to clean off the mud and sweat from the day. When she got there she noticed her holo was blinking with a new message. Without a second thought she placed it on the table and hit play, expecting Corso, Aaron and Cohen to have left her a sweet little message. This vacation was exactly what she needed, big guns, good sport, sexy men, and no jealous husband so she could flirt and ogle in peace. Still she missed them, especially her boys. To her surprise a Twilek showed up on instead.

“Captain Ainsley Isiz, my name is Vette, and I am an old friend of one of your former crew members, Risha.” Vette, vette, The little slave girl Risha had told her about, the one her father had freed back when she was little, Ainsley vaguely remembered the story, but remembered Risha saying they had been close, she also remembered Risha saying the girl was probably dead.

“The job my collegue and I would like to offer you has a large sum of credits attached to it, and is also a mission of mercy. For more details please call this secured holo frequency.”

The message ended, leaving Ainsley wondering, she hadn’t taken a job since she had given birth to Aaron almost 4 years ago, and she eventually stopped getting offers all together, most people assuming she had retired from the smuggling business. In part they were right. The mission of mercy part had peaked her curiosity.

“Are you going to call her back?” Akaavi inquired, knowing how long it had been since Ainsley had done anything since bearing those children of hers.

“No harm in hearing her out right?”Ainsley punched in the frequency she had been given.

It wasn’t Vette on the other line, but a man wearing an imperial uniform. “Captain Isiz, I see you received Vette’s message, I am Captain Quinn, and I am the one looking to hire you for your rather impressive services.” Ainsley was immediately on guard, she had more the a few bounties on her head in the Empire, and she wasn’t about to let them collect on them now.

“Alright Captain Quinn what’s your angle, Vette said it was a mercy mission? You looking to defect or something? “She asked

“No, I need you to smuggle a child out of Imperial space.” He answered curtly “This child would otherwise be sold into slavery or killed otherwise. “

“Geeze what did this kid do?” Ainsley asked, her poor heart already going out, she was such a sucker when kids were involved.

“She was born without the force.” The Imperial answered plainly, to the point.

Ainsley was surprised, she had heard of smuggling force sensitives out of the Empire, from families not wanting their kids sent to the sith academy. She had helped run a job like that back on Balmorra. She had never heard of a “normal” needing to be taken out to avoid the Sith and their craziness before.

“I am prepared to pay you 200,000 credits, 20% now and the rest once she is safely in republic space. “

That was a lot of credits.

“Where’s the pick up?”

“Drumund Kaas”

Ainsley let out a low whistle, she hadn’t done a Kaas run since before her gun run to Ord Mantell.

“I have already prepared the proper credentials that will allow you to land in the spaceport, your coloured history will not be known to the customs agents.” Quinn continued.

“My bounties are worth a lot more than 200,000 credits, how do I know this isn’t a trap?” Ainsley challenged back.

“Because the child in question is my child. I have no desire to her harmed in anyway, you are the best smuggler in republic space, committing more than a dozen affronts to the Empire and we have yet to catch you. She would be in safe hands.” Ainsley heard emotion in his voice for the first time, she heard sincerity there. She thought of her own children, of the things she would do if they were threatened. She had been burned by the Empire before, badly, and it was a very real possibility that she could be walking into a trap, he gut told her otherwise. She prayed to the force and for the sake of her children that her gut was right.

“Send me those credentials and that 20%, I can be in Drumund Kaas in 2 days” Ainsley gave her answer.