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06.07.2012 , 07:39 PM | #82
I can give a pretty good review of the char perks:

I purchased "all- max ranks" of the advancement perks on a brand new level 1 toon.
I only ran my class quest. It started out as the usual finish at lvl 7 on the first planet. So I went to Coruscant and at lvl 10, I purchased rank 1 speeder training and the portable mailbox.

I ran about 4 wz's and 1 esseles flashpoint after lvl 10 and now I'm lvl 13 and have completed the prologue and have my ship..
I expect to now run the Fondor space mission to probably lvl 15 or so.

The exp for pvp seems the best of the advancement perks sofar, I highly recommend this one.

As far as the others (non advancement), the speeder training is great, it's awesome to have one on Coruscant.
The portable mailbox (rank 1) is also good and the 2nd rank of the companion sell junk is also good.

The enhanced lvling experience seems decent, posibly a bit expensive for those who do not know how to make money in an mmo, but for me at least making money in this game is really easy ( i also have max rank rocket boost and unity on all toons and my inventory has 8 rows on this new toon).

My main goal for this experiment was to lvl without doing the other quests ( just my class quest and some pvp added in plus a little space combat + misc). It seems to be working. I also like the adaptive armor ( been wearing a full suit since lvl 10) but that' another post I guess.