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Lucas does follow it a bit, allot of EU made it into Episodes 1-3 and allot references in the tv series.
(name of planets, characters, star ships, and back story dating back to the old republic, there's more but im not naming it all) Who do you think it was that named the planet Coruscant? It was given its name from a POST ROTJ book. (Timothy Zahn i believe)

Second Lucas will never make another star wars movie again at least thats what he is saying right now.

Eventually someone else will have the rights and they could make a EU movie

Also one more Edit Lucas authorized quite a few things in the NJO series including chewies death
You are correct, sir. Tim Zahn did name Coruscant. Btw, don't let anyone tell you that post-RotJ C-Canon isn't C-Canon just because it's not George's vision. C-Canon is the vision of the other authors in the Expanded Universe. If you hear that post-RotJ isn't C-Canon, it's an attempt to invalidate the entire Canon system set up by Leland Chee and approved by George Lucas. Also, he did approve Chewie's death, just as he approves everything in the Expanded Universe. The Canonicity of the approved material is left up to Leland Chee.
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