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The big deal is they don't get to chose, they don't move together. IF the destination becomes full and they swap to a new destinition and only half the guild's characters have been transfered then the other half goes somewhere else. Thus destroying their guild and making them having to wait to "pay".

Bioware is not handling this correctly everyone should be getting a free 1 time transfer with the first ROUND only being dead server mergers. This is all they've promised us..the rest is pay or leave.
I'm a guild master of a fairly large guild.
I do not believe this will be an issue. Not for a couple months.

See, there's a reason BW is controlling all of this. They are using their own calculations to figure this stuff out.

Of course, their formula could be badly wrong, but it's pretty safe to assume that the vast majority of people eligible to transfer will take advantage of it. I really don't think this will be an issue for at least a couple months, if at all. If you look at pages 2-3 I was a huge, huge skeptic ringing this guild splitting up bell. I'm now convinced this will simply not be the case.
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