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If you have friends on non-RP servers, re-roll to them. Nobody's stopping you. YOU picked to play on an RP server, and YOUR FRIENDS picked to play on something else. Those're your own faults. So either re-roll or wait for paid transfers. The current transfer is to address a 100% completely separate issue than yours. No oh-woe-as-me argument is going to get special treatment.
If they didn't make such a point of the Legacy system, that would be a tenable option.

But the meat of 1.2 was making it worthwhile to create alts, and giving you measurable benefits beyond merely having multiple characters.

Rerolling on a new server type invalidates all that time and effort.

And most of the friends we've figured out are playing on other server types are players we didn't realize were planning to play at all when we started. We figured it out after the fact, and long enough after that none of us wanted to start over, assuming that server transfers would be coming.

That's why I'm beefing.

If there was no Legacy system, rerolling wouldn't be a problem.