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06.07.2012 , 04:00 PM | #8
Totally agree. I'm using Forex as my main companion for my trooper since I got him(love him to bits, he's awesome <3), but now when my trooper is 50 I fear I'll have to switch to Tanno Vik soon just because I can keep him better geared than Forex and as a healer, I prefer having tank companion.

And I hate Tanno Vik with passion (would take Fuse over him any time if I had a chance), his only use is crit chance on UT and I'd prefer to keep him as mission slave instead of having him with me.

So yeah, either give tiered droid schematics to cybertech trainers or add droid parts to vendors.

Yes, right now only three classes of eight have droid companions, and those classes are not the most popular in the game, but with addition of HK-51 the problem will become more pressing.