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I'm going to write this down. You're probably going to swear under your breath about it then put on your "forum troll" hat and start flaming me, but I gotta say it.

Luke wasn't a Jedi throughout the first series of movies (Ep. 4-6), afterwards maybe. He had only minimal training, at best--considering Jedis usually dedicate their whole lives to it; he spent way more time in military operations rather than nurturing the spiritual connection to nature that the Force represents; and, I'm pretty sure he was groomed so that he could just unleash all of his force potential the second he got close to Vader or Palpatine. On top of that, the entirety of his training is really in Empire Strikes back when he spends maybe a whole month with Yoda before going back to being a soldier.

Honestly, he wasn't the Jedi's last hope; he was their last gamble.

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