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Experience buffs are only useful when leveling. They should be as useful to everyone, regardless of whether they are leveling 8 characters at the same rate or 1 character exclusively.
I disagree, I think that the game should be taken at normal rates until you have several alts that have been through the content.

I now have 4 level 50s (3 Rep, 1 Imp), and I really don't want to do much on the planets again for my 4th Rep. I might even only want to do some of the planets on my future Imps. Thus, at legacy level 35, I feel that the legacy levels 20, etc. for the highest exp boosts make sense.

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Given how long it takes for Corellia to load on my computer, I would purchase it just so I get 1 loading screen instead of two.
This is exactly it for me. I don't like the long load times that make me miss PvP queues. It takes me 10 minutes just to get through the load screens, which is ridiculous.


I am extremely disappointed with the credit costs on the exp boosts, as I feel that should be so much smaller since it is only per character. Let's put this in perspective.
Repair droid for all ships: 1,000,000 credits (125,000 per character)
Warzone training dummy 500,000 credits (62,500 per character)
Mailbox for all ships: 500,000 credits (62,500 per character)

The Convenience tab fits this scheme well, with 50k startup cost for the Field Repair Droid, a 60k TOTAL cost with the Field Mail Droid, and a decently priced 200k cost for the Field Respec (which will also cost money after that).

The Speeder Piloting seems a little steep, considering that it is not THAT useful of a bonus after the first rank. The first rank is very affordable, and honestly, I will pay it.

The Priority Transport is very skewed towards the ridiculous though. For one, they should not have shared cooldowns. They are all for entirely different purposes. If you were to have a port to Ilum dailies and Belsavis dailies, then they could share the Black Hole cooldown. I also think that the Outlaw's Den should have its credit cost eliminated upon reaching Valor rank 50 or 60. I was really hoping for a pass to Outlaw's Den like the Fleet Passes you can buy from the Security Key Vendor. And the cooldown should be 1 hour on the Outlaw's Den pass, because there is absolutely no incentive to go there (thanks to completely dead open world PvP). I have traveled there on several occasions to pick up the chests, and it has been completely empty. Having a 1 hour cooldown will let me go check it several times a day to see if someone is there. It will be really annoying to use the 9-hour cooldown skill to get there and have no one to fight and nothing at all to do.

The Legacy of Leadership and Legacy of Crafting are good prices for what you get.

The Advancement perks should be halved in price. I already (with 4 level 50s) cannot afford some of the LEGACY-WIDE features. I have legacy level 35 for goodness sakes, I should get something for that without paying all of my expenses. I want to PvP and raid, not spend 8 hours a day running dailies. With my new Sage, I don't want to run planet quests anymore, I can practically quote them. I want to have fun with my class stories and level through PvP. Instead, I have to go play my 50s and get money for the perks. Kinda annoying.

Other than the stuff above that was opposite the current values, I am looking forward to this!
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