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Too bad the increased sprint won't make it heh. Not that I'm surprised it got cut heh.

All in all I'm dissapointed with the legacy system implementation. I expected a seperate progression system. I dunno, get a point every legacy level and spend the points on your "legacy spec".... but it turned out into a glorified credit sink. Sad. Could have been so much more.
I'm actually glad they didn't go that way. Age of Conan did this for the post-50 game, and it basically ruined everything. For one thing, it made it so that even some borderline hardcore gamers couldn't really effectively play more than one character anymore. It compelled a lot of grinding, and unbalanced a lot of endgame combat even more than it was already getting unbalanced by gear. I don't know...I'd rather just not see a game developer even attempt that.

While I'm underwhelmed by some of the legacy features, I'm willing to condede they might just not be for me. I am loving the hell out of the mailbox I have on my ship on live, as well as the astromech droid. Hell, I even bought some of the emotes. I'm definitely going to grab the convenience perks in 1.3, as well. So I think it's a good model. Nothing in there throws off game balance. It's all just stuff that's nice to have while not giving you any specific advantage over other players who haven't played as long.
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