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It is because BioWare is talking about adding more content when the content they have is broken. Space missions are fun in their own way, but they are useless. We want real space combat. Great ANOTHER new warzone when PvPers have been begging for Rated Warzones and Open-world PvP. Why are we doing warzones if they are meaningless? Yay! A new race! Yet many of the traditional races that Star Wars fans have loved for decades are not playable? Instead we get a CAT-har? Comic relief? The new OPs, sure for those who like them. But from what I hear the 3 already there do not work very well. I have yet to Actually finish one. I did finish a HM BT once. Don't care to do any others (why do I need Rakata gear?). Level Cap? Why does the introduction of a new planet mean that the planet's citizens are "naturally" more powerful than those on a previous planet? Can't you think of better incentives than "more powerful gear that makes the gear you have useless"? There are many reasons to complain about the direction BioWare is heading.
They have done that right now they did it with patch 1.3 if you have seen on the blog post about it.
I am looking for people who need more help in the forums and i will be there to help you make it better ok.