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I'm going to say this communication was one of the best Bioware has put out. Here's what we are doing, here's what we are not, here is when and here is why. It wasn't defensive or nebulous; it was simply factual and written from a position of leadership. A list of origin and destination servers would have been a nice add, as would a projected timeline for when they would like to target the phase two (pay to xfer where you want).

I understand the frustrations people are feeling and their right to communicate those frustrations as paying customers, but there is a constructive way to do that and the venom spewing, troll puking way (which I can safely say is more likely to just get you ignored than heard). Obviously you care about the game to be so passionate with your position, which makes me happy to see as a fellow SWTOR lover, but your message gets lost in the delivery.

I honestly believe:
  1. The silent majority is going to be happy with this solution.
  2. Servers with large guilds will end up being destination servers so the guild issue (which I understand sucks for guilds that choose to move) should be limited.
  3. We should wait to see a list of origin vs. destination servers are before anyone freaks out.
  4. I'm going to regret posting this in about five minutes as I'm sure my calm and reason will be met with same kind of response you get in Huttball when you die before you can pass the ball.

That being said I would have been fine with getting an email that said:

"Dear player you have and Legacy of characters on server x. That server is being merged with server y and z on June x. This is the first step in our character transfer process which will lead to allowing players to pay a small fee to transfer their characters or Legacy to any server of their choosing later this summer. Please be aware that you may need to change the names of some of your characters and possibly your Legacy name if these names exist on your new server. For anyone affected by this we will be compensating you with x time of free play. By condensing low population servers we plan to both make both your gaming experience and the looking for group tool more effective. This will also have the added benefit of saving time and reducing maintenance windows that we can use more effectively to bring you new content and features moving forward. Thank you for being a valued customer and member of the SWTOR community."

One day you login to say Shii Cho, the next you're logging into The Jek Jek Tar and Shii Cho is GONE. I'd be okay with that; I imagine most folks wouldn't be and the actual solution they are proposing is better received over all.

Guess we'll know more next week...the rest is guessing and conjecture. MTFBWY
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