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I didn't miss a damn thing, I read it thoroughly, twice. If by "phases" you mean the undisclosed and unknown time period it will be until paid transfers come out, its yet another vague promise that I'm not going to bet on. Thanks, but no thanks, been burned enough. I'm not asking for free transfers with no restrictions to anywhere I want. Please, BioWare, TAKE my money, I will hand it over WILLINGLY, as will multiple friends of mine, to be able to move characters over from a dead PVE server, to a well (not heavily) populated RP-PVP server where I've already established a home for the guild to move to.

The distant promise of something they claimed was going to be their focus of transfers in the first place was the last straw for many of my friends, so where does that leave me?
On a PvE server, like you had it originally. Until paid transfers come out and you can probably go somewhere else.
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Let's show them how Imperial Intelligence handles things! Pa-Chow!