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Are you done with giving out false info?
What false info? Blizzard (specifically WoW) lost 1.8 million subscribers. That is a verifiable fact. They lost this number over the course of a year, and were only able to stabilise this drop with the Christmas holiday season. Also a verifiable fact.

That I said "two million" instead of "1.8 million" is not false info, it is a rounding up of a number. The rounding up of only two hundred thousand when dealing with numbers like "1.8 million" is not giving out false info. I'm not sure why Blizzard's subscription numbers are so important to you that you feel the need to accuse people of "giving out false info" whenever the exact number isn't presented, but saying two million instead of 1.8 million is not a big deal. Relax, mate.
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