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06.07.2012 , 10:32 AM | #9
the Legacy Level 10 gear looks pretty nice for the pub side (most imp side legacy level 10 gear is lame looking). i have on level 50, two level 20ishes, and my trooper is level 19. I got legacy level 10 by doing dailies on my level 50 for a couple weeks, so my conclusion is that the BEST legacy xp is from daily missions at level 50 (you also get about 7-11 K per mission so its a good way to get the creds needed to purchase the legacy gear too). But yeah, there are a lot of different combos to get to legacy level 20, but all of them require at least one level 50 toon on ur account, so level up your gaurdian . Personally, I would look at the JK renowned gear again, if you have enough creds to buy it by the time you hit 50 you might be able to purchase the renowned gear after a few weeks of level 50 dailies
Good Luck!