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This is all well and good, right up until you add Legacy levels into the mix. At that point, you can't simply transfer characters over without losing massive amounts of Legacy XP and perks.

Once Legacy is added, now the entire process becomes a "Sort And Compare" operation... where the existing characters on the destination server need to be loaded, analyzed, and then compared to the incoming characters from the origin server, to determine total analytics and figure out which Legacy level is being adopted, which Legacy perks and unlocks from one server get initiated over on the other server, etc.

This analytics process is the bear. I suspect this City of Heroes game has nothing like Legacy bunking up the works. And even you admit that they had to ADD character transfers into the system, meaning it wasn't there at launch, even as simple as it was on their servers.
Not troling or arguing, but just stating the way City of Heroes has done it successfully, imo, is that instead of Legacy they used global handles. In my mind, they are similar in concept in that they identify your identity, regardless of what your toon's name is or even what server you are currently playing on.

You could log onto another sever and if someone on your main server knew your global handle, or in SWTOR terms Legacy name, they could still chat with you. This made each Global Handle unique and unable to be duplicated since they were GAME WIDE and not SERVER ONLY WIDE. I only wish they would have implemented legacy like this, where it was more than just a last name on a toon that gave you unlocks. It really wasn't used as an identification tool globally but could have been expanded into so much more.

Had they done it different, perhaps they could have avoided some of their issues. I do not know for sure the complications, but it seems that they could have been avoided had Legacy actually been thought of more than just a simple reward system based on the tracking of one servers accomplishments. What's done is done and I am willing to accept it for what it is, but I was shocked when I discovered how limited Legacy was when a game that I played over 7 years ago had a similar system without the flaws. Just my two cents...