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You guys really underdelivered here, you know that?
You promised transfers coming soon, so that friends could play with friends, and all get together on the same server.
My guild, being on a dying PvE server, and wanting to make the eventual move to a PVP server, had to make a call based on the information you gave. Being the GM, I rolled another toon on a better (but not heavy, as we took that into consideration as possibly being restricted) populated server, which was RP-PVP. I did this shortly before 1.2 hit. I restarted the guild and started recruiting there, with the promise to my members that transfers were coming in summer, and the rest of our guild members would join us then. My original members? No longer able to queue up, have stopped playing, with the plans of coming back at 1.3, when these transfers were promised. I was going to transfer my other character as well, and planned to pay for it.
Now, transfers are coming on time as promised, but they are free only with heavy restrictions. I understand a heavy population restriction. Having a pool of choices for servers to transfer to within the population restriction restraints would have been perfect. Instead, you tell us which servers are even available to transfer from, and then which ones we can go to. To top it off, PvP servers are not an option now as the guild was originally formed on a PvE server.
Now, rated matches are going to start, and several of my core members on the other server are permanently unsubbing due to the vague statement of a possible future of paid transfers with no foreseeable ETA.
Now I'm short members, and the guys I've reformed the guild with on the other server won't get what was promised to help support the guild in rated WZ's.
The crappiest part about it? I like my guild, but my core members are real life friends who I've been gaming with for years. Now I'm torn between staying with my guild and riding this out to see where the game ends up, or joining my friends in another game.
I've been with you since the start BW. Stuck up for you plenty of times, even sometimes while having to grit my teeth slightly, but I've stuck by you. And yet here we are again, with another overpromised and underdelivered situation. It's unacceptable service.

I believe you missed the part that they are doing it in Phases.