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Throughout the game, we have had our nemesis's. Some are cool, like Jedi knight chapter 3, and some are lame, like Sith warrior chapter 1. But then there is that one bad guy. They might ne your rival, they be a traitor, they may be just plain evil! But there are the ones you'd want to see forever, longer then that one planet. Or maybe you don't know them; you've heard of them, but you think it would be fun to see trying to kill you every 10 minutes.

The one enemy I'd love to see as my nemesis would be Kilran for a trooper. That would be so much fun. Some of us know how Kilran plays out, BUT I MUST SEE MORE!
I loved that jedi, he was a great nemesis i dont know what your talking about.

I would love to just hunt down revan through the whole story, that would be amazing!!