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P.S. I know it is too late to change the transfer process...But I honestly would have preferred that decisions about who gets a character name be handled like DCUO did things last year, where:

1) Priority went to active subscriptions (i.e. someone who pays money to subscribe got priority over an inactive sub, DCUO was P2P at the time)
2) Priority went to active in-game players (i.e. if you had logged in in the last 30 days)
3) If both of the above conditions were met for 2 people with the same name, the person who had more active logged in time got to keep the name (this tended to ensure that people at least kept their mains' name).
I actually have a problem with doing it that way. I tend to play a game till I get bored with it, then leave for awhile and come back to it later, generally that could be anywhere from a couple months to a couple years. My point is I eventually come back, based on your suggestion during the time I would be inactive someone could walk in and steal my name simply cause I am inactive. Forcing me to rename when I come back, I would be rather ticked off if I had to change my name that I have been using in various MMO's (and even PBEM games) for the last 13 years. I shouldn't be forced to change my name if I don't want to simply because I was inactive and someone took it from me.

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Any word on increasing the character slots per server? I want to transfer my last character to a server where I started my other characters and there's 8 of them. I don't want to delete any of them
That's a good question, I have been wondering the same thing myself.