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Yeah. basically, the 27 people are predominantly those who gave up on their dead server for one of the 3-4 real ones, and now are forced to wait a lot longer to transfer their original mains to the server of THEIR choice.

I do understand this gripe. RIFT let them transfer willy nilly for free.

However, I also understand why Bioware is doing what they are doing. They really do want servers to be equally balanced. This is the best way to do this. The only real concern was guild manual transfers, and being able to pick up stragglers over time but Joveth and Allison have both clarified that this won't be an issue. Destination server(s) won't change for an individual origin server for months.

It's not a perfect solution, but at least this one is well thought out. They'll even let people who enjoy a dead server stay there.
Quick question....

Do you think the people who have firmly secured themselves a more popular server will even want to play their old characters if they are not moved to the server said account owner is actively playing on?

I mean, why would someone want to go play on a server they have no desire to play on, when in fact the majority of people who found themselves on "dead servers" re-rolled ALONG time ago to a more populated server.

You have 2 choices, leave your new toons and play your old toons or ignore your old toons and play the new ones, you wont find many wanting to share their time and effort among 2 servers.

To fully benefit from the content this game provides, it is nice to have 1 of each class on both imp and rep sides.
My old server has my 4 Rep toons, my new server has 3 Imperial toons (all 50's), why should i need to re-grind a whole new 4 republic toons or 4 more imperial toons depending on my destination?