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06.07.2012 , 07:33 AM | #784
There is good and bad with this move. Being on a dead server is bad for pve finding groups etc... Being on an overpopulated server is bad for dailies ie spawns etc and Raiding the more people that are raiding at the same time the more lag players will experience while trying to do end game content.

I personally am looking forward to the move I just hope there are enough people on the server to do content while balencing the issue of over population like fatman.

The only question/suggestion that I have Is why doesn't the guild bank move with the guild leader when they transfer? GM has unlimited access anyway, so if they wanted to ninja it they could anyway. I don't understand the reasoning behind needing to put a ticket in for the guild bank.

Also do we need to move all items out of the guild bank before the move and the ticket will only revive the slots the guild has purchased or will the ticket move all items and money from one guild bank to the new server?