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Okie, here is my constructive criticism.

Number Uno. The big thing:
Stop complaining!
The legacy system is something that Bioware give us and reading this thread its "underwhelming" there and "all to bad" there. BW won't listen to that cause it's not constructive. The "if I add up all the rank 5 blues it would take to cover the 15% it costs XYZ and it costs 250k (way more) to get the bonus" is constructive. That's the type of arguments we need.

Okie, now for my reflections (aimed at Bioware, hope you read it):

Improved experience ranks:
Notes/reflections: It helps a lot and for those doing lots of Space missions/PvP or Flashpoints it can be a huge bonus, but the Class quest is a limited set of quests and Explore is a limited number of areas - you cannot affect them as you can with the other three categories.
I would consider a lower price for Class quests and Exploration compared to the other three.
I do miss the "Improved exp from non-class quests". I would have loved that
Cost: Sensible, but Class quests and Exploration are too limited and should be lowered IMHO.
Legacy level: As far as the Legacy level is concerned, it's a bit high, but it's OK. Check the amount of chars on Legacy level 25 or more, guess you can do that easily, and see if that high a level is realistic.

Legacy of Altruism/Legacy of Persuation (companion gifts/costs):
Notes/reflections: Well, it's been pointed out by several people in this thread that the gain you get is not at all comparable to the cost. I assume you didn't think this through 100% when you set the prices and made a mistake.
Cost: Way to expensive compared to what it cost to buy (or fix) the gifts. Consider slicing the cost way down. I think that even if you made these Legacy perks account wide, these prices are still too high meaning that you have to put them at less than 14% of today, so I guess 10% of the price is reasonable - sorry BW.
Legacy level: Seems reasonable.

Legacy of Crafting:
Notes/reflections: No notes. Perhaps consider fixing an account wide version.
Cost: Seems great.
Legacy level: No problem.

Legacy of Leadership:
Notes/reflections: No notes. Perhaps consider fixing an account wide version.
Cost: Seems great.
Legacy level: No problem.

Priority Transport:
Notes/reflections: Okie, the 18 hours on the Emergency Fleet Pass is OK since you can buy other fleet passes with much lower cool down. But here you cannot. Ranks perhaps? Shared 9 hour rank 1, shared 4 hour rank 2 and individual 4 hour on rank 3?
Cost: Generously low apart from Black Hole which might be a bit high. Half price would be generous, lower than that would be awesome, so maybe 150k? 120k?
Legacy level: A bit low. I don't have access to the amount of people on different Legacy levels, but it seems to me that 10 is waaaay low. Seems like 12, 15 or 18 would be better. 20 will be too high, I agree. I would probably set it to 15.

Field repair droid:
Notes/reflections: Wonderful! Thanks! I wanted this! Someone in this thread asked if it can be used everywhere and I must say that I assume you can summon it absolutely everywhere (questing, FP, Fleet, op, own ship, everywhere), anything else would surprise me greatly. An answer to that question would be awesome.
Cost: It's not cheap. Aouch. But it's definitely reasonable. Since it's a single char thing I would really love to see the prices a bit lower, but - hey... It's OK
Legacy level: No problem.

Field Respecialization:
Notes/reflections: I love you, I love you, I love you! But seriously? NO cool down? I would actually suggest a 15 minute cool down to prevent switching spec super fast. Maybe even 30 minutes. But sure. I'll take no cool down if you insist.
Cost: OHHHH, cheap! This will be on all my chars.
Legacy level: *gasp* 10? I thought this would have like 30 or 40. I think 10 is waaaaay too low. Double it. At least.

End comments: I think you have done a good job with the Legacy system. It's pretty cool and it's an addition without being too cumbersome or complex. I like it. Overall it's something to look forward too.
Though you really have to rethink the Companion things. That's not priced right.

Thank you kindly for reading all this way.
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