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06.06.2012 , 07:27 PM | #8
The video has me kinda disappointed, it's so fast you can barely tell what's going on any more. The old animation was probably my favorite attack animation in the entire game. Kinda sad. The old animation felt much more "epic" with the whole dramatic ripping chunk out of the ground and actually projecting it at someone from afar (...or up close).

For the record, I didn't mind the delay a whole lot the way it was before, nor I would I mind terribly if the damage registered before the projectile hit the target (if you kept old animation but new timing for actual number processing). If the new animation sticks Project should probably be renamed to something that's a more accurate description like uh... not even really sure I can describe it in a word. "Collateral Damage?" "Rock Surprise?" Whatever it is, it's hardly a projection and more of a random object bouncing betty kind of thing.

I'd have to agree with a post in the closed thread, the new animation is so fast that even keeping the item chucking nature is just stupid, since you can't even see it travel through the air any more. If it's going to be this instantaneous, something more like a super-fast disturbance would make sense and at least look less weird.

But really, I'd like the old animation back, more than anything else. Or keeping the old animation but with supersonic projection speed... or something. Anything but this, please.

I think the randomness is actually kind of a nice touch, though I liked it a lot more when it was centered around your character. So watching it some more, I think if they kept the speed/randomized location and just kept it's origin by your character, I wouldn't mind as much..