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This forum is not the right place for this, as it is not just a sage ability. Hopefully the mod will figure that out...

Pretty disappointed, but not surprised. They could have replaced the animation with something that didnt invlolve junk or they could decide to further half-arse an already half-arsed concept. They went with the latter, predictably.

The new project is the same craptasm as the old project. Junk chunking. The "change" is that the junk now magically appears out of the ground at a random spot within a close radius of the target, doesnt spin, and pops up and hits 'em. So it is kind of like what it was for a shadow that was on top of his target when he fired project before, anyway. I actually think I agree that it would have been better to keep the old junk chunking animation with ridiculous instant damage. It looked better than the 1.3 version of junk chunking. But both sux.

So no saber throw, no force burst, none of the other ideas from the community...nothing imaginative or inspired. Just junk. Faster moving junk that magically appears closer to the target. Getting rid of the delay will be nice, but that is kind of tempered for me atm by the lame, phone-it-in way it was done.

So if anything it is a little more annoying and distracting in that instead of magically appearing in the same place all the time, the junk magically appears in a somewhat random spot near the target. Same junk, same crap.

Honestly not sure about how much the delay has been affected, since I just tried it on a consular, with the 10m range and not a sage out to 30m range. It does appear to magically pop up and move a little faster.

Bottom line, same ridiculous, magical conjuring junk chunking, with a minor appearance tweak to where the magically conjured junk pops up from and how fast it moves. I iz jedai, I haz rocks...junkz...andz pebblez...wonderful work guys at blowing a great chance to dejunk the class and make it more appealing to people that arent thrilled with comic relief rocks and junk.... ...some dev loves his junk and just cant part with it, star wars be damned...
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