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So your guild is all going to leave your current dead server and all go to the new high-population destination server that's designated for you, and you get to stay together which is what you all want. So what the heck is your problem? You'll still all be together. You'll still all be able to be a guild and do together all the things you already do.

Sounds like to me you're just complaining for the sake of complaining.
You're not getting it are you?

Why, when they dumped our entire guild on the same server on the same day on release, can they not dump our entire guild, roughly within the same week on a new server?
Why, when this is a BW mess, do players have to clean it up off their own effort and initiative, by finding each other again?
By at least moving the GM and/or officers together, they can make some attempt to move the guild bank with them, and keep everything together and fairly streamlined.

Their process just makes things alot less efficient.
And its added bol**x to deal with when quite frankly, many of us have already had enough.

Is it too much to ask for some customer service to go with your product?
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