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06.06.2012 , 03:25 PM | #403
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So why not just merge servers, then they could control faction and population balance without giving us the "Illusion" of choice that actually doesn't exists

But it sounds like it's not really the announced "superserver" move that was announced some time ago, so maybe they want to use both opportunities to see things break in exciting ways (Plus, they already have the transfer stuff in place from the APAC spin-off...) (edit, not that anyone will read it at this point Having players transfer their own characters also means they can perform name changes exactly when required, and it keeps dead wood off the destination servers, so the number of possible conflicts is vastly reduced.

I'm looking forward to the intricacies involved in transferring guilds and associated assets (*cough* guild bank). In WAR, we managed to end up with 3 clones of the original guild on different servers after several transfers and merges.

For now, I'm happy that there's a real chance to see other people again, and then shove my lightsaber through their faces. Oh wait, I'm light side. Anyway, the 1.3 notes made me re-sub today, and the announcement of the transfers made me not regret it, so I'd call it a good day for the game.