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I for one don't want a list posted in advance, because then I feel players will need to create level 1 characters on the destination server in order to save names. That would not be good.

HOWEVER, I sincerely hope that destination servers are the same REGION as origin servers. I don't know why, but A LOT of players on Mandalore the Indomitable (West coast PVP) re-rolled on The Fatman (East Coast PVP). I for one have NO DESIRE to move my character(s) to a server other than in my region (West Coast for me).
I have a feeling they will stick to regions. I know when my original server, Darth Bandon, began to die, a number of us re-rolled on Lord Adraas and I'm hoping Lord Adraas (a fairly decent pop server) will be a destination server for all the east coast non pvpers. Will have to wait for the list to see