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Or what about active duty military personnel? My step-son bought the game, reserved his character names, and was then sent to Afghanistan. He has every intention of playing when he gets back. When he comes back at the end of the year and subscribes, is it really fair that some guy who recently transferred to his server was able to take his character names?
I don't know...for every one active duty military personnel who did this, there are going to be 30 guys who bought the game early, hated it, and will never, ever come back to it. I understand it kind of sucks for the one guy out of 30 who does want to come back, but at the same time, I'd rather see name priority go to somebody who is actively using a name and has been using it for a period of time.

If your step-son created a character on December 15 and played for a month and somebody else created a character on January 15, but has been actively logging in with that character every day since and is level 50 with legacy level 25, I'm going to say that person deserves to have it a little more than your step-son (who for all we know may have decided he's no longer interested by the time he gets back). Maybe that sounds a little crappy.
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