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Question on character renames on transferred player...will any sort of prioritization be used to determine which character requires a rename? Or is the mere existence of a name on a server sufficient to force a rename for the incoming character?

Example: I have Luke, of the Skywalker legacy on server A, which is a source server. I've been playing him since Early Access, have him at level 50, etc. On server B, the designated destination server, there is also already a character named Luke, but the person who made him bought the game, played their free month, and left, never having subscribed...does he get to keep the name just because he was on the server first, or do I, as a loyal customer, get to keep the name of a character I've played, and he gets flagged for a rename if he ever comes back to the game?
I appreciate your concerns, but here's another way to view the issue of character name priority.

Many people bought the game at launch, selected their character names, but then found they were dissatisfied with the state of the game, and temporarily quit with the intention of re-subbing later when the game has matured. I've done this myself in at least two MMOs. If I had the foresight to buy the game on Day 1 in order to reserve my character names (and, I was willing to pay the premium price for pre-ordering or buying the game on Day 1), why should some player transferring from another server be able to steal my character names? That would make me mad enough NOT to resubscribe to the game.

Or what about active duty military personnel? My step-son bought the game, reserved his character names, and was then sent to Afghanistan. He has every intention of playing when he gets back. When he comes back at the end of the year and subscribes, is it really fair that some guy who recently transferred to his server was able to take his character names?