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And so it begins...ive been warning people about this for months now....maybee you shouldnt have listened to all the people who thought the fix for the problem was to re-roll....i await the 100s of posts from people crying that they cant bring all thier toons to the server of thier choosing.
When I rerolled it DID fix the game for me. I was also under no illusions about server transfers. Talk of them didn't exist when I rerolled for the 2nd time.

I was fully prepared to leave all that work behind when I rerolled. Since I arrived on my current server I find myself in better shape that I ever was on my original server, and that's due in part to the high level of population.

I don't wait for PvP queues.
I have access to all heroic missions on ALL planets because LFG requests fill within a minute or two.
Being a healer also gives me the perk of getting picked up for raids by a variety of the guilds that exist on the server.

Life is good, but it could be better.

Do I have to level up another scoundrel to 50, or can I just import him from my old server?

It's really what we're talking about here. Not having to repeat work and effort already accomplished. Nobody wants to leave that work behind when it can be consolidated.

I completely agree, getting players off ghost town servers with no work started elsewhere is really a good, first step.

But if you want to make the majority of the population happy, some thought has to be put in for players that thought rerolling was better than unsubbing. If they are excluded from this whole process, or made to pay....then it really sounds something like this:

'We thank you for remaining loyal to Star Wars: The Old Republic. We understand that consistent, paying customers like yourselves are what keep us in business. As a show of thanks, we demmand you give us more money for the privledge of moving your hard work into a single, central location. We understand that this situation was brought about in part because of our mismanagment and poor implementation, but since we have a obligation to our stock holders we ask that you bear the burden of cost in our restructuring.'
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