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Ok, I'm cautiously hopeful, although the way this sounds, it's extremely limiting in terms of choice.

Question 1: How much lead time will we have between the announcement of what servers are available for transfers and actual transfers? (Estimate is fine: minutes, hours, days....)

Question 2: How long of a window are we going to have? This is crucial for those of us who have guilds to move. (Again, I'll take a rough estimate, really....hours, days, weeks, months...)

Question 3: When are you going to put in transfers between server types? And will there be free ones if you've already moved once?

Because what's going to happen is my guild will be moving off our dead server, but if we get an option to be on the server we actually want to be with free transfers then we'll need to shift a second time. (We're on a pve and would like to go to Sanctum of the Exalted where some of us have rerolled.)
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