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All I care about is the people.
I just want the people in my guild now, and have been in recent history, to be able to rejoin us on our new 'active' population server. Hopefully, this isn't too much to ask.
QFT and having your priorities correct.

Now, Bioware, why can't you put the "people" first like our guilds are trying to do, and ensure entire guilds stay together?

islander, I read your guild description and comments elsewhere, and understand where your guild is coming from. We share some similarities as well.

My guild (two, one Republic, one Empire) are part of a gaming community that has been around since 2008. Four years and counting of friends sticking together to weather one MMO or one online game to the next. Sometimes we have a focus (ie: right now TOR), and sometimes we're in limbo. But we've always stayed together and have enjoyed the friendship surrounding whatever we choose to play next. For us, the people are our priority, before hte game.

So like you, we're worried about this too. Our gaming community has a different but similar name compared to our guilds. But keeping everyone together is priority number one. With that in mind, what happens when we have members who find out they'll have to change their own legacy/character names if we transfer to another server? If they care about the naming of their legacy or their characters, will they be forced to make a choice between the guild and that? After all, we're already planning to play Mechwarrior Online together, so it's not like we put TOR above our community. And there's always other MMOs in the future, such as Titan.

I must ask Bioware, do they really care about the people and our social connections? If they did, they wouldn't split up guilds or even risk that as a possible outcome.