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06.06.2012 , 02:19 PM | #1
When is this going to be fixed? You fixed the disconnect to the load screen that is stuck at 20%. Or did you? Before the load screen error I used to get the Error 9000 thing a lot. Then it went away, and was replaced by that load screen one. So now that you fixed the load screen error I am now disconnecting at least once a night, generally more like two or three times, because of my old friend Error 9000. So when I ask whether of not you actually fixed the problem you can understand why. Over the months Ive run DX reports, tracer routes, called my ISP, and a bunch of other busy work suggested by the forum mods. Im not here to make some grand statement about leaving, or other such nonsense. I just want to know why this issue continues to rear it's ugly head. And while I am not foolish enough to expect a real answer, I do just want it to go away.