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06.06.2012 , 12:31 PM | #68
I have a question.

Will they be shutting down some servers? More specifically the 'Outgoing' servers? Because unless they force people to transfer and shut down some servers, I don't see it fixing the problem completely.

In order to balance the servers out, you need to force push some people from the 'Heavy' servers to move into the 'Light' servers. Or else people who are already in 'Heavy' Servers won't move, and if your only option is to move from a 'Light' Server to a 'Stardard' Server, or worse yet, a 'Light' Server to a 'Light-Stardard' Server... it won't be so great.

I hope I get the chance to move to a 'Heavy' server...not just add an extra 20 people on the fleet.