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This is awesome, but I have one question. How would a server transfer effect legacy?

For example, I wanted to move my 2 level 50's, one of which actually started the legacy. Will my legacy levels and perks be effected on those two characters or is legacy tied to the server and not the originating character?

Hello, kickdamonkey!

At this time, this is the available information we have regarding Legacy, but please keep an eye out as more details will be coming soon in an FAQ that's dedicated to transfers:

There are also some restrictions to this character transfer process , which will be more fully detailed in a forthcoming FAQ. For those who have unlocked Legacy abilities, your Legacy will be transferred to your new server and your unlocks will be available there too. If you have already unlocked your Legacy on your destination server, the higher level Legacy will take precedence. For guild members and masters, you will not be able to transfer your guild as a whole to your new server; instead you will need to reform it. If you have a guild bank, it will be re-granted to your new guild on your destination server by Customer Service. This is not an automatic process and you will have to contact Customer Service directly. If your transferred character’s name conflicts with an existing name on a destination server, you will be asked to rename your character. In the case of Legacy names, unless you have unlocked your Legacy on your destination server, you will need to rename your Legacy upon transfer (although you may pick the same Legacy name as on your origin server, if available).
Thanks and may the Force be with you!