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I agree - it wouldnt work - but I know where he is coming from - they made this game as a PvE and then bolted PvP onto it aferwards - this has never worked and the most unpopular nefs in SWTOR history have come from pvpers saying that class 'A' is OP - the nerf that comes then makes the class fair in pvp but next to uselss in PvE. They need to come up with a well thought out fix for this - or they will end up with neither PvP or PvE working correctly.

Personally I am in the mindset of completely removing pvp from the game until they have a fix for it - in the mean time work on getting the PvE classes right again and then taking it from there. Or vice versa - I just want one of the two to work as intended. I know that this will be a very unpopular idea but as a PvE fan (and an ex PvPer) I believe that something this drastic might be the only they can fix this.
I disagree. BioWare has always had a dedicated team for PvP. That's not what developers do if they're just going to "tack on" PvP. The proof is in how well-done WZ's are, and the fact that a much larger percentage of the population partake in PvP here than in any other MMO.

Don't let the failure of Ilum overshadow that fact.
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