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Tanksassins are being nerfed due to the pvp QQing and now the PvE people will have to suffer for it, reducing the armor % buff from dark charge is a horrible idea.
A assassin tank doesnt even come close to the armor rating of a BH when both are in tank stance.
ANd lets not forget that assassins have to actvate a ability every 20 seconds to keep defenses at a maximum rate while the ability does not even guarantee a 20 second duration sins it works with charges.

And no buff to DPS assassins?
You failed here bioware, you're going to end up with a game where every inquisitor is a sorc.
He addressed the armor discrepancy problem by stating that they can and do self-heal to make up for it. And second, there are PLENTY of assassins in PvP and an adequate number in PvE. I don't think this is going to be a problem. And if it is, they'll have 50s on the server to make changes before live hits.
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