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Hi there, I am a new player to SWTOR, having played SWG for around 5/6 years rather badly! I'm loving SWTOR, and feel as if I actually understand the mechanics of the game, however, as always, prosthetics are key, and I have a question about armour.

I was reviewing the Legacy Vendor on Coruscant and discovered the Guardian Exalted set, and have almost amassed enough credits for it, but saw a post saying it could only be purchased by those who have reached Legacy Level 20. Is this the case, or do they mean level 20?

Sorry for the newbie question, thanks for any input!

Legacy is unlocked around level 32 by completing Chapter One. ALL characters share the same legacy, and, everything that adds experience works up to it, but, it doesn't work as fast. Anywayyyyy, yes, Legacy Level 20. That's around one level 50 and one level 30 or so.
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