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Shiloh checked the clock again, her mother and sisters shuttle had arrived an hour prior, they would be here soon. She rinsed the kama berries under some water and started cutting off the stems. Kama berries were native to Csilla, a bright red berry, both sweet and sour, they were a favorite of her family. Shiloh had bought two bushels of the ridiculously over priced berry, they were a favorite among the sith nobility as well. She remembered her childhood, being able to stop along the road side in spring, brush away some of the snow, and they would be growing everywhere. She had been late to school too many times then she could count thanks to these little morsels. Vector snuck yet another one.

“Would you stop!” Shiloh swatted him away, “You can have some after my mother and sister arrives” and as if on cue, the doorbell rang.

Shiloh opened the door, her mother and little sister stood waiting, her mother’s garishly painted pink lips smiled big as she finally laid eyes on her eldest daughter.

“Shiloh my dear, dear daughter, I’ve missed you so!” Brynn pulled her daughter into a hug and planted a kiss on her forehead and each of her cheeks, leaving bright pink smears. Shiloh hugged her back fiercely, mother and daughter had many differences of opinion, but they loved each other. “How long has it been now? 5 years?”

“7, mother, Kianna was still a baby” Shiloh finally dropped her eyes to the skinny Chiss youth, she was tall, and gangly, arms and legs seemingly too long for her body, a shock of black hair, cut into a short bob, her pale blue skin had a smattering of dark blue freckles, her red eyes shy, her bangs fell to cover them. Shiloh remembered the awkward years of her youth, all arms and legs.

“Oh come Kiki! Say hello to your sister” her mother ordered.

Kianna’s nose wrinkled slightly at the hated nickname, she looked up at her older sister, she was beautiful. She had dark blue hair, and the same pale blue skin, but no hated freckles, her face was friendly and open. Her voice came out soft, shy, unsure, “Hello Shiloh.”

Shiloh knelt to Kianna’s level, “Hello Kianna, do you like kama berries?” The girls eyes lit up and nodded vigorously.

A few hours and the rest of the kama berries later, Kianna was chatting away, shyness forgotten as she regaled her sister with stories of school and friends, and the pet taun taun she had left behind.

Vector and Brynn were deep in conversation.

“So you’re human? But are also a bug?” Brynn asked

“Kilik” Vector corrected, “We are physiologically still human, but we share a pheromonic link to the hive mind, we share their thoughts and memories, we are what is called a Joiner.”

“We, you and Shiloh?” the older woman asked still perplexed, this is the mate her daughter had chosen?

“No Shiloh is still herself, we are the Joiner, I am the Joiner” Vector had explained 3 different times.

Brynn sighed, exasperated, “So what is it that you do?”

“We are Dawn Herald…”

“He’s a diplomat mother.”Shiloh saw the crease in Vectors forehead.

“A Diplomat!” Brynn understood this one, “Do you speak many languages then?”

Vector shot a thankful look at Shiloh, “I do speak a multitude of languages, including, Huttese, Cheunh, Minnisiat, Rodese and Shyriiwook”

“I’ve never even heard of Shyrii..what?”

“Shyriiwook, or Wookiespeak, it is the language of the wookies, I could never have mastered their language had I never become a Joiner, it is a complex series of growls, barks, and grunts. Allow me to demonstrate.” Vector cleared his throat.

Shiloh put her head in her hands as her mother looked on aghast as Vector proceeded to growl, bark and grunt. Kianna started to giggle uncontrollably. Shiloh was about to interrupt with suggesting dinner, when her holo rang. She excused herself as Vector began to attempt to teach her sister how to say hello.

Shiloh entered the office and put the call through, “My Lord Ardyth” Shiloh bowed in deference, “To what do I owe this honor?”

“I am in need of your skills”


Shiloh returned, a serious look on her face. Vector noticed the change in her aura immediately.

“Who was on the holo, Shiloh?” Vector inquired, concerned.

“Lord Ardyth” Shiloh answered, “I have work to do”

“But we just got here! Can’t you tell her you have company?” Brynn whined at her daughter

“One does not deny a Sith Lord, especially not when said sith lord is answerable only to the Emperor himself. She is not a woman I would anger, not for you, not for anyone.”Shiloh shot back.

Brynn rolled her eyes, indignant, this was no way to treat guests.

“Sith train on Korriban right?” Kianna inquired curiously

“they do, Kianna.”

“Mother says I am to go to Korriban after our visit. I am going to be a sith” Kianna pronounced rather proudly.