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A few administrative notes: First, I haven’t forgotten Vette and Jaesa! The stage was already set to get crowded in the next few issues…so let’s leave them to their partying on Nar Shaddaa for now.

Second, today’s story has spoilers for a Sith Inquisitor plot ability known by the end of the Act 2 intro, and for the Sith Inquisitor’s endgame title.

Third, I’m still undecided on my posting schedule. Having written upwards of 20,000 words in the first four days of Nalenne’s conceptual existence, I’m leaning toward doing four posts per week, perhaps Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I need to find a balance between spamming the forums and working up a billion-post backlog because my brain won’t stop producing.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about Nalenne and co…

Part 5: In which Nalenne seeks her sister’s advice and Quinn gets worried

A pirate on vengeance fixated
Met a Sith in the desert, and traded:
A t*t for a tat,
I find this, you kill that,
And from there, well, their romance was fated.

Nalenne knew she only had a faint chance at raising her sister on holo. Niselle had been impossible to reach ever since that Lord Zash had given her a ship.

She got Niselle's pirate, at least. Andronikos Revel gave her one of his sly smiles. "Wrath, good to see you.” He had a nice voice. It was eerily similar to a hundred voices she had heard before, but that rough edge never got less pleasant. “The Kessel offer's still up, if you've given it any thought. I know some guys. It'd be a good time."

"I do not need the likes of you setting me up with the likes of anybody. No offense. Is Niselle alive?"

"Yeah. What's up?"

"I need to meet with her in person. I have an academic question."

"Didn't know you'd turned scholarly."

"I don’t want to. That's why I'm asking her. Any chance we can meet up on Korriban, soon?"

"Yeah, sure, let me check with her on scheduling." He looked off to one side. "Uh, eight would-be assassins down, two to go. Shouldn't be more than half a minute."

"You answered the holo during someone’s attempt on your wife's life?"

"Eh, she insisted. She cares about family."

Quinn walked in out of nowhere and took up his old station by the holo controls, except a little to one side this time, so as to be off camera. Nalenne ignored him. A crackle and a distant, inhuman scream sounded through the speakers. Andronikos smiled tenderly and extended an arm to wrap around Niselle's waist as the Sith Pureblood moved into the holo image.

Niselle was Nalenne's twin, except meaner, uglier, sicklier, and generally a horrible brat. Her ascension to the Dark Council had only made her native arrogance worse. And she had taken up two truly stupid habits, namely, trying to remove Nalenne from the equation and trying to set Nalenne up with a suitable man. She didn’t appear to see a contradiction between the two. In between assaults, though: "Lenny," the newcomer cooed, "it's so good to see you!"

"Nis, you zapped right through the gift I sent you!"

She laughed, looking offscreen. "Cute, but those weren't yours. You're far too old-fashioned to send hirelings after me. Come now. What news from the S.A.B.E.R. Helicarrier?"

Andronikos snickered. He did that every time anybody said the name of Nalenne's ship. Well, let him. "Listen, Nis, I had a question that's right up your alley. Suppose I had a spirit. And I needed to kill it."

Quinn stared pleadingly at her. She ignored him.

Niselle's bleach-pale eyes lit up. "You want me to eat it?"

"No! No! Do not do that! I want him just...I don't know, dead-er, or else put in a body where I can kill him properly, or something."

"It might be easier for me to eat him," said Niselle.

Quinn made a small desperate gesture and started trying to use the holo controls. His fingers passed right through the console.

"You wouldn't want to," said Nalenne. "He's not even a Force-user."

"Oh, yuck. I really wouldn’t, then. He would probably lessen my power just taking up space. And I can't imagine the sensation of all that worthlessness would be pleasant..."

Worthlessness? Nalenne’s compulsive need to disagree with her sister kicked in full-force. "Watch who you're badmouthing! He’s all kinds of useful. He's clever and strong-willed and brilliant and, and he's got personal power written all over him!"

A wide-eyed Quinn was frantically slashing his hand across his throat. Meanwhile in the holo image, Niselle was raising her hairless brow. "Now you're making me want to eat him again. Who is this morsel?"

"My ex-husband."

"Ha! You're joking."

"Hardly. He's haunting me - I mean, walking around whining, but incorporeal - and I really want to stop it."

"Oh, this is rich. Does your crew know?"

"Half of them do."

Niselle kissed the top of Andronikos' head and smiled her trademark sinister smile. "Lenny, I think it's time I came to visit."
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