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In my personal headcanon, Ayang was formerly one of Doc's many girlfriends. She is NOT a fan.
Oo. Yeah, I'm wondering why she married ol' Doc myself. Be sure to check her room, me thinks there is a crack pipe or two. lol

All kidding aside, so far, the majority of my love interests have matched my head canon for my girls pretty damn well.

Quinn fits with my SW.

Doc fits my 'girls gone wild' Jedi. Sure, she's mostly LS with most of her DS points coming from getting some and marrying Doc, but from what she's told me (in my head) he's a perfect match for her.

The others go well also. (Don't want to hijack this with my characters cause I can go into ALOT of detail.

But as I said, if she was an old girlfriend of his, I can see her being unimpressed with his ******tedness. I know I would be and I'm married to a real life mister grumpy pants.