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If it helps at all, I don't think he was terribly committed to my Chiss Jedi; in fact I'm pretty sure that once it ends he'll go back to his womanizing ways without too much protest.

I'm sure it's an entirely different situation with your Chiss Jedi. (Btw, nice choice on the species )
Well, seeing as her mother's sisters are adopted sisters, 2 sith, a bh and a trooper, she's well rounded. My JK actually thinks Doc is charming and sweet. Sure, if they weren't an item he'd probably have a girl in every port, but from what I got from him during the courting process, he's head over heels with my JK as much as she is with him.

But I do understand your JK might be wondering what crack she'd been smoking to wind up with him. She's not really attracted to Scourge. She only trusted him BECAUSE of her two sith aunts.